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i believe there was a book published on milltownpass past. does anyone know where i can obtain a copy.thanks in anticipation
I dont think it is still in print, I have or should I say had a copy, I thought too that Jacks photo may be in it. I will root it out and post it to you (if I find it - if not)

perhaps there are other copies gathering dust elsewhere if so let me know. I know it was on sale in Grennans, perhaps Shay has a few copies that were un sold!

Mrs Wright may also have a copy or two - her book on the religious men and women was printed in or about the same time.

many thanks for that, i will gladly pay any cost involved.if successful i will email my address.
church of Ireland primary schools in locality? All Saints School, Mullingar is a COI School
My great grandfather on my mother's side was Thomas Rochfort, born in 1851 in Ireland and emmigrated to New York City in 1863 - I suppose with some older family members. Anywhere I can check to see where in Ireland he came from? It looks like you are about to join the hundreds of family tree searchers. its not easy and the more information you seem to get, the more you seem to need. You could start with where he entered the US. ships logs etc. that may give an address or at least County. from there you will start the long haul through records of births/deaths/marriages. Chances are you will find him as 1863 is quiet recent in historical records. - So to begin with check the main ship carriers (trans-Atlantic) and determine which port he landed at and with any luck they will have an Irish address, or maybe a number of Thomas Rochforts landed for that year and then you have to filter through marriages, birth etc. which one is your
Could anybody tell me if they know anybody in the local area who knows anything about fixing a problem with Computer/Printer.I have Dell Computer and Dell A.I.O Printer/Fax/Scanner for approx 2years now and everything went fine until a couple of weeks ago.I tried to copy Photo from Computer and it told me it wasnt connected to printer, so i tried all the trouble/shooting things it told me to no avail inc getting new leads. The Scanner still worked no problem for a week or so but now that dosent work either it just says an error occurred.So if you know of anyone would you please contact me Tony Kendrick 0449224124 or 0876914651 or E-mail me .Thanking You Tony. Sounds to me like a "DRIVER" problem but I'm not a computer expert. I would uninstall the hardware first (leaving it all attached to the pc) and reboot the computer. you should then get a new hardware found dialog box. Using the hardwares cd supplied, try to reload the printer/scanner, make sure the printer is "ENABLED" by clicking into "PRINTERS AND SCANNERS" icon in the control panel, and working properly. Failing that try downloading suitable/updated drivers for your hardware.
There are several websites where drivers can be downloaded free, just google "DRIVERS" or allow your control panel to connect to the web to search for updates for your hardware. It doesn't sound to hard to fix and unless the printer/scanner is "banjaxed" it should be easy enough to reinstall.
As for fixing it, if it's not a software problem or connection problem and it is actually the internal workings of the printer/scanner, they can be fixed if under guarentee but if the guarentee is out it would me probably cheaper to "recycle it" and buy a new one. The parts and labour cost of a repair could be more than the cost of a new "guarenteed" one - thats my opinion - Belvedere.
Hello, I've been trying to trace my genealogy and I was wondering if anyone had any records.
My great-great grandmother was born in Co. Westmeath. Her name is Mary Louisa Rochfort (born about 1865), but I'm only assuming she is connected to Rochfortbridge. Apparently, her father owned an estate called Rochfort Estate, but lost it because of a drinking problem. Apparently lots of his relatives were hung and my dad told me they were run out of town because of money issues. I don't know if these are just stories or if they're true
She married a man named Thomas Dooley in June of 1884 in Dublin.
Thank you for any information, Katie
I stand to be corrected but to the best of my knowledge the Rochforts of fame in Rochfortbridge were well and truly gone by 1865. there may have been a few family members still in the greater Westmeath area but the main branch of Rochforts were now Boyd-Rochfort aka Rochfort-Boyd. There is an estate called Rochfort Demense near Mullingar and I will check it out as to its previous owners.

My great grandfather, Christopher Campbell,was born in Rochfortbridge. My grandfather, Christopher Thomas Campbell, was born there in 1867, the second of six children. He emigrated to the United States around 1895.A posting to the discussion group on Tore Housestated the writer's great grandfather was Christopher Campbell and worked in the garden.How can I contact this person who is probably a relative? Incidentally, My father and I are also named Christopher Campbell as is my son.My e-mail is

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